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🌟 Ziara is back in Oslo! 🌟 Prices for massage starts from 1700 kr. 🌟 Treat yourselves with a profound and delicious massage.

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Real Tantra Art Of Touch

0273 Oslo




1 time

1.700 NOK

90 min

2.200 NOK

2 timer

2.700 NOK

Ekstra time

1.000 NOK

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ZIARA is back in Oslo! 🤩
Don´t miss your chance to book her excellent service.

When you contact our phone assistant please mentione the name of the masseuse as this tlf number may operate few other therapists 🙏🏻



Individual tantric sessions:

🌟 60 min: 1.700 NOK
🌟 90 min 2.200 NOK
🌟 120 min 2.700 NOK
🌟 Extra hour 1.000 kr


🌟 Prostate massage/pelvic release - 300 kr / 25 €
🌟 BDSM elements - soft BDSM - 500 kr. / 43 €.
🌟 ESO - extend sexual orgasm - 500 kr / 43 €, minimum 90 min session, not to be combined with other extras.

ESO is a part on a tantric massage and involves a great deal on anal stimulation. A special combination of repeated lingam massage and repeated anal massage leading to an extended orgasm experience.
The masseuse uses her hands an fingers, switches from penis massage to anal massage or opposite when the man is at the peak of pleasure, either through the penis or the anus and repeats it with short intervals - to their final connection and reaching orgasm!


About Ziara

I am a tantric masseuse and I do conscious BDSM
✦ I am also sex coach and have wide experience working with intimacy ✦
✦ IT WILL BE MY PLEASURE TO BE YOUR GUIDE TO THE PLEASURE OF LIFE ✦ EMBRANCE YOUR SENSUALITY WITH HOLISTIC SENSUAL MASSAGES: ✦ More pleasure in the body ✦ Greater closeness ✦ Fulfilled intimacy ✦ Expanding spectrum of pleasure ✦ Connecting with body ✦ More gracious and kind way to body It will be my pleasure to become your guide to tantric massages
✦ Tantra changed my life
✦ Tantra is celebration of life.
✦ Tantra is life.

✦ Tantric massages for men and women, couples, for everyone.
✦ Tantric massages combined with BDSM and shibari elements.
✦ Sexuological Bodywork - De-armouring, Mapping, Working with scars SPECIAL OFFER:
✦ ESO - Extend Sexual Orgasm: A special combination of repeated lingam massage and repeated prostate massage leading to an extended orgasm experience.
✦ The alternation of sexual energy that flows in the lingam and that flows in the prostate leads to an extended sexual experience
✦ It is based on a tantric massage

✦ CORE TOUCH holistic school of sensual massages at the European Academy of Somatic Education - EASE.
✦ Assistance in the School of Holistic Sensual Massage CORE TOUCH
✦ CORE TOUCH II - Professional sexual training for advanced
✦ Training for sexuality coaches by Andrew Barnes
✦ Massages - Relax massage, Ka Huna massage
✦ Shadow acceptance, suppressed self and conscious BDSM, working with flogger
✦ Shibari - technique, emotions, curtains, working with ropes


Our studio Real Tantra Art Of Touch policy:

We offer tantric massages for men and women.
Tantric massage connected with Shibari, tantric massages connected with elements of conscious BDSM for a different intensity of massage.
Safe place for those who want to discover BDSM. BDSM techniques: eye scarf, ropes, flogger, soft BDSM.
Bodywork: de-armoring the body, genitals, anal, working with scars / scar tissue.

The sessions can be peaceful and relaxing, hot and sexy, hypnotic, deeply touching, very dynamic or light, or playful. It's hard to predict the dynamic of a session, although we aim for educational, healing and transformative meetings.

Do you experience some specific problems in your sexual life?
It might be difficult to talk with a stranger about problems related to intimacy, like lack of sex-drive, difficulties in erection or achieving orgasm, premature ejaculation or prostate issues... but please try to open up and don't hesitate to tell us about it during our interview. We are educated sexologists and might help you using advanced techniques. Confidentiality is self-evident.

In our studio you can expect atmosphere of understanding, safety, support, relaxation and heart warmth. We are skillful therapists and we provide a range of treatments, from relaxing conscious touch to work with your sexual energy on high level, transforming and reaching out for deep experience.

We want you to feel after the session a sense of harmony, relaxed but energized, educated and happier person, in peace with your sexuality.

Payment: Cash, PayPal, Wise, Revolut, Vipps.



09:00 - 21:00
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